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I see many newcomers to affiliate marketing that have great looking web sites but...

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Buy From Paypal Stores

When you buy from PayPal stores it is easy, convenient, and relatively safe. PayPal acts as like an internet 'wire transfer.' After signing-up for PayPal, one may send cash to anyone with an email address using the PayPal system.

PayPal also has security features that safeguard against fraud in case there is a dispute between the seller and the buyer. In this article we are going to move on to the other end of the spectrum, trying to get your money out of your PayPal account. This is not as hard as people make it sound. There have been cases where people have had their accounts frozen.

That has happened because they broke one of the PayPal terms of service. As long as you play by their rules, you will not have any trouble getting your money. Go back to the My Account section. There is a box that says "Withdraw." Click on that box. You are taken to another page that has quite a few options for getting your hard earned money.

We are going to cover each one of those options. Transfer Funds to Bank Account This is the best way because it is the fastest and it is free. Funds are usually transferred in no more than 4 business days. This is the most used option. Request A Check From PayPal In some countries where PayPal does not allow bank transfers, this is your only option. Unfortunately, it is not as good.

Checks can take up to 2 weeks to get to you. In certain instances it may even take 3 weeks. That is when I went to electronic funds transfer. Also, there is a $1.50 charge for each transfer. This can add up if you ask for your money often.

Shop With PayPal Debit Card This is where they get you to actually spend your money. Once you get a debit card, you can have the money transferred to that card and then use it to make purchases. If you really need the money, don't be tempted by this option.

Use the electronic transfer. Many people end up broke because of all the money they spend in this way. Get Cash Out Of An ATM This is a quick option where you can get your money using a PayPal ATM card.

It is very handy but comes with a $1.00 charge. If you really need the money right away, you're probably better off going with the electronic funds transfer.

Buy From Over 42,000 PayPal Shops This one really makes me laugh. This is where they take you to the PayPal shops to spend your hard earned money. Resist the temptation.

Once you get to that page, click away from it quickly. With each method of requesting money you'll be taken to a second page. It is here that you enter in the amount you want to withdraw. Then click on "continue." You will then be taken to a final page for confirmation. After you do this, the funds will be on their way to you.

Remember, your PayPal account will say pending. You will notice that they have already taken the money from your account, even though you don't have it yet. They do this to keep you from spending money using your PayPal account that you don't actually have anymore.

No matter how many times you buy from Paypal, always check your account. If somebody hacks into your account, you want to find out as soon as possible. You'll know if you log in and suddenly see all your money is gone or your password has been changed and you can't get in. Follow this link to a superior home business; giving away free websites:

Affiliate Marketing

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