Before starting an affiliate marketing business wouldn't you want to know about the best affiliate programs? And wouldn't you want to know about other people's affiliate marketing success stories?

I see many newcomers to affiliate marketing that have great looking web sites but...

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Search Engine Rankings My Secrets For Getting Almost Instant High Search Engine Rankings

One of the top problems webmasters face is getting into the search engines quick and ranking well. The reason is that they over complicate things and thus even risked being delisted from the search engines because of these complicated, blackhat methods. The main component of good Search Engine Optimization is to gain quality backlinks. Here is a quick and easy way, which you can accomplish in one hour, to allow you to appear in Google's search engine quickly: Step One Create a blog at all these places - Blogger.

com,,,, Tripod.

com, Step Two Post some useful content on all these pages, then post one link back to your site. Step Three Ping all these blogs at these places - Pingomatic.


Step Four Watch your site appear in Google's rankings in as little as one week! Step Five Post to your blogs once every two or three weeks to give it fresh content that the search engines will love. This system is a surefire way to get listed quickly. You are leveraging on the high Pagerank (the algorithm which Google uses to judge sites) of those blog sites and getting backlinks to your site, which are the key to getting ranked well on search engines. Each backlink acts as a sort of vote to your site. If you take a look at Blogger.

com's Alexa ranking, it is one of the top-ranked sites in the world. Instead of waiting months to get listed, do it in one week! You know, getting high rankings on websites like Google, Yahoo and MSN does not require a rocket science degree. Far from it.

Search engine optimization is simple. Far too many people try to complicate things and the truth is, things are much more simple. There are only two things you need to work on when trying to get higher search engine rankings - the number of quality backlinks you have, and the content on your website. That's it. It really comes down to that.

How do you build quality backlinks? Well there are a number of simple ways that I do this. One is I submit articles with my website link in the resource box to popular article directories. Not only do you get traffic directly from the articles, you get high quality backlinks because article directories are seen as authority sites by many search engines like Google.

Another way is to simply exchange links with other website owners. Do a search for 'link exchange forums' or simple 'link exchange' and you'll find some useful links you can start of with. Exchanging links with other webmasters is a great way to build links quickly.

Just contact five website owners a day and you will start getting more reciprocal links than you can handle. Keep the content on your website focused on the reader. Don't try to fool the search engines. Do optimize your meta tag titles, descriptions and keywords. Those are the most important parts of your onsite search engine optimization.

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