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Skype is an Internet Sensation That Crashed Once

Skype is one of the most popular communication programs used by people on the Internet. People with Skype accounts can call one another and talk with each other verbally with computer microphones. Phone calls from standard landlines can even be received and handled through a Skype account. Rates for calls through Skype are cheaper than that of standard calls and calls between Skype users are free, and this makes Skype especially popular. However, on August 16 and 17 in 2007 there was a time in which Skype shut down because of a crash in the system. Here is a look at what caused Skype to shut down.

One of the factors that caused Skype to shut down was that there was a security update that took place on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft Windows users will receive routine security updates from time to time. These updates are all used with the intention of helping to protect the user's computer from the newest hazards that are online. One of the requirements that are needed for a security update on the Windows operating system is that the computer will have to be restarted so that the new updates will be installed and able to function. According to reports from Skype, there was a high amount of traffic and it seemed that everyone was rebooting their computers at the same time and then trying to get onto the Skype program.

This plays a very important factor into learning about what caused Skype to shut down. Another issue that caused Skype to shut down was from an error in the software code in the Skype program. This error prompted Skype to shut down in the event that excessive activity takes place. It is not clear as to how the error came about, but after this was found, work began to close the error so that a shut down like this would not take place again. The Skype Company described the error that caused Skype to shut down as a "deficiency in an algorithm within Skype networking software.

" The algorithm was described as an interaction that helps to connect the Skype network with the client that the individual Skype user has to connect. This was considered to be the first time in which this took place within the system. Some have argued that the company was not prepared to take care of this particular type of error.

Many other factors evolve around what caused Skype to shut down. One of the biggest problems is that more people are using Skype more so than in recent years. This has prompted more people to use up the bandwidth that Skype has available. It is in theory that because of the incredible demand for services from Skype that the system may have shut down as a result. How popular has Skype become recently? In the early part of 2006, there were a little less than a hundred million Skype accounts throughout the world. As of July 2007, there are a little over 220 million users throughout the world.

With an average of nine million individual users on at once at any time of the day around the world, the bandwidth amount and activity that can take place with all of the Skype accounts can cause the Skype program to be over taxed. That is a general look into what caused Skype to shut down. While the original problem has been fixed and Skype is now available for all people to use again, the Skype Company will be looking to take care of the problem so that this will not happen again.

However, with the continuously growing popularity of Skype and the increased activity that is used in Skype, there is always the chance that something new may happen, unless Skype can upgrade their system to handle so much traffic.

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