Before starting an affiliate marketing business wouldn't you want to know about the best affiliate programs? And wouldn't you want to know about other people's affiliate marketing success stories?

I see many newcomers to affiliate marketing that have great looking web sites but...

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The Difference between a up and up Program

1 up and 2 up programs are becoming more visible over the internet as Home Business Opportunities. There are so many different ones out there. For the new people wanting a home business over the internet and understanding what a 1 up or 2up,versus a 0 up means, can be confusing. I know it left my head spinning in circles until I did some research on different companies. EDC Gold, Easy Daily Cash, Passport To Wealth, Road map To Riches, Predator Marketing System, Prosperity International, Emerald Passport, Advantage Conferences, Coastal Vacations to name a few are what you would consider a 1 up or 2 up program. So exactly what does this mean? That is where you pass up your 1st sale to your sponsor (in the case of a 1up) or your 1st and 2nd sale to sponsor (in the case of a 2 up program).

A 0 up means that you do not pass up any sales to your sponsor. In this case I am going to use Free1up as an example of a 1 up program. EDC Gold is a direct sales company specializing in sales of digital products including e-books and software that can help improve websites. They also have a new program called the Promo Black Box, which is also an online marketing training program that includes bi-weekly webinars.

Their compensation plan is an Aussie-2up. This means that you pass up the first 2 sales to your sponsor. Once you have made two sales you are now qualified and the third sale you make is yours. You then break away from your sponsor and become their competition. When you join you have to pay your sponsor $997.

You also pay a one time administration fee of $49. You also pay a monthly fee of $49 which can be eliminated by a onetime payment of $350. The last three fees are fees you don't find out about until you begin your payment process. In review, 1 up or 2up programs can be lucrative, but for the newbie however this can become discouraging by having to give away sales and then be in competition with their sponsor. Also, will there be any help or support once you break away from your sponsor? Another important thing to look at is the growth of the company and where they are headed as well as the viability of the products. Most of these programs can be high ticket programs and difficult to market because their products are generic or not very useful for the new people just starting.

In conclusion, be sure to check out which kind of program it is and know if you are going to have to pass up sales to your sponsor or not. And a real important factor would be to talk to the Affilliate of whatever companies you are looking into.

Billy Vaughn is a success coach

Affiliate Marketing

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