Before starting an affiliate marketing business wouldn't you want to know about the best affiliate programs? And wouldn't you want to know about other people's affiliate marketing success stories?

I see many newcomers to affiliate marketing that have great looking web sites but...

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6 tips on becoming a succezsful affliliate  

by Damon Willis

Copyright: Damon Willis

As most of you know it takes a lot more than just a great product to translate into dollars in your bank account. The six tips I want to share with you are the same tips I give my partners (also known as affiliates) who sell my product. We all know myself included that becoming an affiliate for a product you believe in can be very exciting, but let's channel that energy and enthusiasm into success!

The first tip is extremely important; you need to know your product! I know that most affiliate programs are free and it can be frustrating when you have to consider spending money on the product you're selling, but sometimes spending as little as thirty bucks to start a career seems like a great investment to me.

The second tip is to build a great website. If you don't have any web publishing skills there are tons of free sites with web templates that make your job easy such as Tripod or Lycos who will host your website for free. After you've built a great site ask yourself a few questions, would you visit this website? And more importantly; what would make you revisit this website. Remember only one out of every hundred visitors will purchase the product you sell so make sure the quality of your website isn't the reason they go elsewhere.

Offering free stuff is the best way to draw traffic to your website. You can usually increase your web traffic up to 400% just by offering something free like an article or maybe a free e-book. Now that you have visitors to your site it's up to you and the quality of your product to keep them there.

Advertising your website is vital to your company's survival because without different forms of advertising nobody knows that your product exists. It takes a while to figure out which advertising methods are the most effective for your company so concentrate on the hits and get rid of the misses. I go further into depth on the subject of advertising in another article which is available on my website.

The fifth tip is that you must choose the right keywords and the right Meta tags to insert into your website. The reason is that, this is the way search engines decide on what your ranking will be when someone types in a keyword. Now choosing the right keywords can be a tough challenge but there are tools to help, search engine optimizers as well as a host of other tools that will help you get that top 20 ranking. Remember 80% of your website hits will probably come from search engines, so your keywords are vital.

Last but not least, our sixth tip is to trade links with reputable websites. What this does for you is increase your website credibility and it usually makes your web ranking skyrocket when you link to sites that have a higher ranking. Remember to choose sites relevant or similar to the content on your website because that click-through from another website could turn into a paying customer. ************************************************
Damon Willis is the author of a new book titled "How to start a successful daycare business" or email The article is free to publish with my permission but you must run the article as it appears.

About the Author

Damon Willis is the author of a new book titled "How to start a successful daycare business" he is an expert in small business start-ups and a master at creating passive income. Damon is also one of the founders of Teamsilverfox which heads the most successful Telecomm company under NECC Global in Southern California.

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